The Partnership for Advocacy, Technology, and Entrepreneurship “PATENT” is a project that was implemented by Leaders Organization in partnership between the Galilee Society, an NGO that runs a funded research and development centre. The project capitalized on the potential of research and development activities as a driver for economic development, building on the experience of researchers from both sides of the green line through promoting collaboration on research and development projects in the fields of health, environment, water, energy, biotechnology and food production.

PATENT aimed to create joint research projects between researchers from the West Bank and researchers from inside the green line in the aforementioned sectors. Each team had to have an existing research idea that can be implemented jointly by both team members. Established a network of research centers and, most directly, engaged researchers from both communities in R&D activities that contributed to resolving problems around common interests. Researchers from the West Bank benefited from the research centre established by the Galilee Society inside the green line, the Galilee Society facilitated networking with other universities and research centers.

Through engaging in these joint projects, the project contributed to building the capacity of researchers. They were able to access resources and labs where they can conduct their experiments and research and receive support from senior researchers provided by the Galilee Society.

The research results are expected to be transferred into a commercial product or can be registered as a patent.

A Business Support Centre “BSC” was established based on a set of supporting activities provided to the participants in the project. These activities included training and coaching program in drafting research proposals and communication, and private sector outreach. During initial phase of the action, these activities were confined to developing training material and delivering joint training sessions. Later on, the centre engaged in approaching private sector firms to obtain funds for research activities conducted by the participants.