Palestinian House in Silicon Valley

The Palestinian House in Silicon Valley Program (PHSV) was launched to bridge the gap of the limited business training programs that are designed for startups only. This program aims to increase the success potential of innovative Palestinian enterprises by developing a training program that combines short-term courses on business and technical subjects with hosted talks. Through the program pilot year of implementations, Leaders Organization hosted prominent and experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders from Silicon Valley for training and coaching to Palestinian entrepreneurs. In-house training was also delivered in Palestine by local and US experts. Now embarking on its second year of implementation, PHSV program sent nine startups to Silicon valley, where they were hosted for a month in local accelerators, met with investors and had the chance to participate in international networking events.

During the first round of the PHSV program, the participants were those that were also benefitting from the FastForward acceleration program. The second round of the program, Leaders Organization conducted a wider selection process, from which 12 companies were selected to take part in the training program, from those companies, five were selected to travel the Silicon Valley. Apart from these direct beneficiaries, all US-based trainers were asked to conduct a larger training for the entire entrepreneurship community.

US-based trainers traveled to Palestine for approximately one week, for at least three days of training. During one day, they provided a larger, broader training that was open to aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Each trainer then spent two more days of one-on-one training with the participant teams of the PHSV program. When possible, Leaders Organization also reached out to the partners of Global Entrepreneurship Week to see if they are interested in also hosting the trainer at their institutions, thereby increasing the reach and positive effects of each visit.