Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy aims at preparing young people for active participation and engagement in their community to lead positive social change. The project has been developing the skills of a core group of young potential Leaders in Palestine since 2011, and therefore promoting democratic values, respect for human rights and personal freedoms, as well as environmental awareness. 

Throughout the latest three years, Leaders organization has established the Leadership Academy and positioned it in the community as an entity that graduates potential leaders in different spheres. Leaders has achieved this overall objective by developing effective leadership program, qualifying trainers in the subject concerned, reaching out to potential leaders and engaging them in community activities and activism.

In order to sustain these results, Leaders envisions the establishment of Alumni of the Academy (for the three years graduates), digitalizing the training program and to offer it to the young community in Palestine, adding three new modules, the establishment of mentor-mentored program at the academy,  and to engage all graduates in more social entrepreneurship activities in their communities.

The Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Leadership Academy recently selected 3 projects to support them with their implementation of their initiatives, each project will be granted up to 2000 USD, that should solely benefit the targeted segment based on the concrete community needs. These projects serve at building a spirit of activism among participants, serving the community as well as transferring the knowledge acquired during the last 3 years into action.